Prince Market Research
Case Studies



Asurion, a global leader in technology protection services.


Asurion wanted to gauge consumer reaction to a new version of to provide guidance in refining the functionality of the website and explore ways to encourage people to file claims online rather than by phone.


During 24 in-depth interviews, consumers worked hands-on with a test version of the new website, first filing a relatively simple claim scenario followed by a second scenario, which involved a more complex claim. The consumers then talked in detail about their experience, reactions, and suggestions for improving the website and online experience. Powerful insights were revealed and confirmed across the set of interviews.

Research ROI:

Research revealed over a dozen critical findings and recommendations. The process addressed security, fraud, ease of navigation, as well as the look and feel of the website. Through this research, Asurion was able to make online claim filing more user-friendly and reduce the load on the call center – which ultimately pleased the customers, employees, and the company CFO.

"The ground-breaking research provided by PMR has helped us better understand public perception and generate national publicity." — Healthways